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You'll Learn Everything You Need


The Science

The science and biochemistry - how this stuff actually works. We will present it in a way that is useful for you to communicate to staff/patients and help with clinical application.



How can you stay compliant with integrative treatments? We are bringing compliance expert Dr. Adam Boender who has helped many clinics stay compliance and legally safe.


Indications and Applications

When are these therapies best used? These clinical pearls will greatly assist your judgement in applying to patients and open your mind to the possibilities with regenerative treatments


Practical Hands on


We take a heavy emphasis on practicality and making the training turnkey so that you're able to immediately apply what you learn. Once you buy equipment, we will support you with hands on training.


Contraindications and Safety

There are a few times that is is best to avoid a therapy. And we will show and demonstrate the best way to make these treatments extremely safe.1 Column


Business Success

As a clinician, you also run a business that needs to generate income. We will equip you with modern tactics for sales and marketing that are free and easy to implement.

We have trained thousands of clinics

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Our Ozone Training Does Wonders!

Here's what people are saying about the instructors

"You're providing a valuable service... This is really good to provide to the medical community... it's a triple win, triple wins are not very common."

~ Dr. Mercola

"It's a powerful resource... it's going to teach you how to do it ... put in your arsenal of things you can do to increase your biology... if you're ever really sick and nothing is working, I'm telling you - oxidation therapy."

~ Dave Asprey

“The cracks are where the light enters. You took that pain of experiencing the loss of your brother and alchemized that into something that has helped so many other people. You have a beautiful story.”

~ Dr. Jess

This training is committed to serving people ... and providing reliable, easy-to-use education

~ Ben Greenfield

Oxidation Therapy is one of the most effective and underrated therapies on the market. It is essential in my protocols. There is no other brand I would recommend. 

~ Kayla Barnes, Owner - LYV

"They provide tremendous education for oxidative therapy.  It's a must have in your clinic and I've been able to help so many patients with oxidative when other things didn't cut it"

~ Dr. Mandy

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